About Us

The Second Baptist Church is an Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Church that has been preaching the Gospel, and ministering to the needs of the people of Ravenswood, West Virginia, since 1957. SBC believes that the local church has a three-fold purpose as outlined in Ephesians 4:12; "...the perfecting of the saints,...the work of the ministry,...the edifying of the body of Christ:". The messages, ministries, and membership of SBC are the tools used to accomplish this purpose. SBC believes that the Bible is God's final authority for faith and practice. Our doctrine and direction are based solely on the Word of God. SBC stands without apology on the authority of the King James Bible as the Word of God for English speaking people. SBC believes that the local church has a commission to reach their area, and the world, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through the weekly outreach programs, and the supported missionary efforts of SBC.